Steve Carlson has been a working actor for thirty-eight years. In his varied career he has been a regular on the three TV series; 'General Hospital' (ABC), 'The Young & the Restless' (CBS) and 'A New Day in Eden' (Showtime). He has appeared in scores of others, has provided hundreds of hours of television and starred or co-starred in ten feature films. Lately, he is the narrator of many successful audiobooks.

Steve Carlson personifies the term ‘working actor’. He stared in ten movies, performed hundreds of hours of television, acted in or supplied the voice for over 600 TV and radio commercials, was a screenplay writer, had six books published (fiction and non-fiction) and for the last few years has narrated a growing list of audiobooks.

A few years ago, Steve retired from acting and moved with his wife, Mary Ann, to So. Oregon. His time is now divided between looking after their 2 ½ acres of forest, playing golf and hiding out in his recording studio for weeks at a time recording the latest audiobook.


Photography can be restful and beautiful. It can also be lethal if you take the wrong picture.


Ray Johnston was an unemployed construction worker, whose only real claim-to-fame was that hardly a day went by without someone telling him how much he looked like Elvis. He got pretty tired of it.


Phillip Chapman died and went to Heaven... but that was just the beginning.

Making a life and a living as a film actor

The first edition of Hitting Your Mark was subtitled, 'What every actor really needs to know on a Hollywood Set.'
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