Steve Carlson has been a working actor for thirty-eight years. In his varied career he has been a regular on the three TV series; 'General Hospital' (ABC), 'The Young & the Restless' (CBS) and 'A New Day in Eden' (Showtime). He has appeared in scores of others, has provided hundreds of hours of television and starred or co-starred in ten feature films. Lately, he is the narrator of many successful audiobooks.


All You Need to Start, Build and Maintain a Career
by Steve Carlson

One of the few inevitable constants in life is the enduring allure of show business. Since this is one of the hardest businesses in the world to break into, new actors want and need to learn as much as they can, as quickly as they can.

Steve Carlson knows this from first-hand experience. He has been an actor and writer in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Besides his acting career, he has also performed in over 400 commercials. This experience is capsulated in his book; THE COMMERCIAL ACTORS GUIDE, All You Need to Start, Build and Maintain a Career (Heinemann, 2006

Very few actors actually start out in episodic TV or films. The first and last steps are, practically always, with commercials. They start with them because there is always a big demand for many different types of actors and the bar is usually set a bit lower. They end with them because there is always a big demand for many different types of actors and there is an outrageous amount of money to be made there.

The book is three-pronged;

  • The Art of the Audition (without which, nothing happens)
  • The Art of the Performance (a totally different skill than auditioning)
  • Facing it all as a business (which surprisingly few actors do … to their detriment)

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"Steve Carlson's book is the most comprehensive guide to the commercial business that I have ever read. It is a must for any actor planning a career in television commercials. Buy it now, before you come to see me. It will save us both a lot of time."

Mark Measures
Abrams Artists Agency

Dear Steve,
Having read your latest book “The Commercial Actors Guide” let me just say “BRAVO”. It is simply the most complete, honest and insightful book about a commercial acting career that I have come across. Having read much of what is out there, “Commercial Actor’s Guide” was a refreshing change. You have written with such heart, humor and keep observation that it was a joy to read!
Your latest should be read by everyone from the novice to the experienced professional. I’ve been in this business for ten and I “hi-lited” so much of your sage advice that my copy may as well be printed on orange paper! Your chapters on attitude should be read by every actor at least weekly and your insights on professionalism should be read daily. By telling the actor what he can hope for, what he can expect and how to do his very best you have provided an invaluable resource of pragmatic encouragement. Thank you!
I will heartily and enthusiastically recommend “The Commercial Actors Guide” to my friends and associates and hope they will enjoy it as I have. Also Steve, let me encourage you to continue to write. You have the ability to make the printed page seem like a friendly, fun and intelligent conversation between the author and reader. Thanks for sharing that gift with others!

Brian Elwood

“I am very pleased with this book. I hope you’ll find the observations and insights offered here to be enjoyable, pertinent and well worth your while.
I wish you all the very best.”

Steve Carlson

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